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a mega machine? oh, yes.

The technology already exists, in 3 different machines

In China, this machine extrudes concrete houses at a rate of 10 per day, and this one in Russia does it for 20,000$.

In Vermont, a man named Tyler McNaney has made a tabletop machine, the Filabot, that can recycle household plastic into filament. Construction machines exist to do it to our scale.

Small multi-material printers exist, and the software is open source, a gift from M.I.T. (the world is so interesting and beautiful).

These will be our innovations

Ensure the process stays very, very fast.
1 house per day.

Take construction waste as source material.

Print multiple ecological materials at once, large scale, including recycled concrete, wood, and insulation.

Promote and develop passive solar design elements within local building codes.

Grow and host a global public design platform, where makers and developers can interact and innovate.

Build a corporate environment inspired by the best practices of horizontal organizations, putting people absolutely at the center of all activities, including with reduced and flexible work hours.

We invite you to check our guide to House-Printing Machines for more information.

we'RE PRINTING HOMES for everyone

Today in Canada, buying a home means 2 full-time earners remitting 30% of their gross monthly wages for 25 years, and prior savings of 20,000$ or more.

It will contain toxic materials that are highly transformed, non-recyclable, non-reusable, inefficient, and frequently transported.

Waste from its construction and demolition will contribute to up to 27% of municipal landfill.

Ignoring ecology, weather, and climate, it will cost significantly more for electricity than it could.

A home can be well made at a reasonable cost.


-Significant savings on home construction costs

-Set the highest standards for sustainability, health, and environmental considerations. 

-Treat our partners and team as family

-Machine-print in one run: concrete, plastics, wood, insulation and ceramic.                     

You can come, too.

because when we take care of each other, we thrive.

We believe that we have an opportunity in time. A few decades during which great changes will come.  We want to drive some of that change, and not just with a really cool machine, but in every way you can imagine.

If you’ve been waiting for a project like this, please get in touch, regardless of your skill set or experience.  We aim to include anyone who can imagine a place for themselves in this endeavor.


Phase 1: Research

In addition to the varied and bright skills of various team members, the following supporting research has been compiled and considered, specifically to form a specialized knowledge-base for our emerging industry:

-Principles of sustainable housing
-Feasibility study of affordable, sustainable, code-compliant home in Quebec, metal frame
-Principles of passive solar design and net zero-energy
-Principles of rapid prototyping / 3D printing technologies
-Principles of software structures for our business model
-Principles of horizontal business management
-Principles and local practices in consensus building
-Elaboration of a diversity program

Phase 2: Foundation
Present Day

We are meeting with investors and various partner organizations in order to begin development. We are also advancing our designs, setting up our infrastructure, and fostering a development community.

Phase 3: Development

With financing secured, we will purchase the machine and its components, equipment, materials, and establish our workshop. Over the course of 18 months we will be modifying the machine to extrude insulated structures from local eco-materials, and produce a prototype chalet, co-owned by team members and partners.

Phase 4: Operations


In partnership with our manufacturing team, we will have house printer kits for sale from 2018. Future iterations will add components, materials, and processes. We will also establish a charitable Foundation to spread the technology and promote its innovation.


Code-compliant houses and other insulated structures will be available from 2018. When our homes and organization have reached maturity, we will work with our partners to design specialized buildings for a variety of circumstances as well as to create affordable, sustainable, beautiful neighborhoods.


These technologies exist, and they are available to us. At Print our Home, we’ve chosen to leverage them to support development that does good for people. Truly, you are warmly invited to join in the fun.

Last updated April 2017