M. Zakharova, Ph.D. Materials scientist

Maria Zakharova, Ph.D. Materials scientist

Ph.D. inorganique chemistry, researcher of functional materials

Email : maria@printourhome.com


My principal professional passion is based on the sustainable development of our society. I focus on the synthesis of renewable, biodegradable and functional materials, the generation of renewable energy and on ecological construction. As a scientist, I am convinced that nature is our greatest teacher and our biggest source of inspiration.

If we begin to understand and practice the ways nature uses physics and biochemistry to build harmoniously functioning whole systems, cascading abundantly and transforming effortlessly, we can emulate the functionality embedded in the logic of ecosystems and achieve a success unrivalled by current massively globalized industries.


I consider my mission with Print our Home to be the transfer of scientific knowledges and skills related to the design, synthesis and the fine-tuning of environmentally benign (zero emission) materials, which will be used in many areas of the 3D printing industry.