Simple Living is an Engine for Social Change

A very excellent book on social movement organization, the « Anarchist’s Cookbook» for non-violence by the co-founders of Food Not Bombs, which is offered as a pdf but which people would definitely benefit by purchasing, has a small section on simple living, or “simplicité volontaire”. I felt that the authors, though really well versed in other ways, had perhaps not quite got the whole picture about simple living, and certainly not in a massive social movement like we’re experiencing in Quebec. So I wrote to them, and they were really gracious and have published the letter on their blog and publishing site, See Sharp Press.

You can find the English version here on the See Sharp Press blog.

Here is a preview:

“Simple living is a process of making conscious choices about day to day life that are more ecological (2: Sciencedaily), more economical (3: Mother Earth News), and healthier (4: Johns Hopkins). It is also adopted specifically by many people (5: Researchgate) as a way to reduce reliance on and destabilize consumerist / capitalist systems (6: Sagepub Journals). It’s called “simple”, because it happens that many healthy and affordable things are simpler than their mass-produced counterparts. Like vinegar for cleaning, or growing your own tomatoes instead of trucking them across continents.” I’ve translated it to French with their permission, which you can find on our blog. 

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