UPDATE JULY 25TH: Found!  News and pics to follow in September. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!


Hello! We are looking for a WORKSHOP to RENT for the SUMMER so that our engineers can build our prototype!

Here are the specific needs:

  • Garage, large shed, or barn
  • With electricity
  • Possibility of installing a roulotte for the summer
  • In a wooded area / in the countryside / in beautiful nature
  • Not too expensive, or possibility of barter for renovations / professional improvements to the property
  • In the lower Laurentians or nearby regions

Share this request in your networks, please! Who will have the chance to make the connection?

Contact Tammy Mackenzie: 514-544-5226,

Photo (c) Wim Appleman

We Won!

On behalf of the Coop de travailleurs pour des projets d’optimisation d’habitat écologiques, we had the honor to receive the Ose Entreprendre first prize in the Technology and Innovation category for the MRC of Deux-Montagnes. Thank you, Deux-Montagnes, the great staff of the MRC and Mayor of St Eustache Pierre Charron for this inspiring recognition! And also for the nice party!

Tammy Mackenzie, Louis Dionne

Ose Entreprendre competition site: 

Photo: Beauchamp & Marineau Maître Photographe.

Call for Cooperative Project Proposals

Hear ye! Hear ye!

The Cooperative for Research in Entrepreneurship and Apprenticeships (CREA) of the Lower Laurentians invites you to imagine the project that you would put in place, if you had the support of friends and experts. We’re starting that cooperative by collecting project proposals, and organizing the exchanges that will make it all work.

Mission Statement

Together, to inspire the development of entrepreneurial, micro-entrepreneurial, and apprenticeship programs by sharing resources and knowledge in a cooperative. In premises such as workshops, studios, a kitchen, and gardens, and via services such as day care of dependents, accounting, computers, and holistic care.

We expect to start providing services in June and to open premises over the course of the summer. In the next few weeks, we’re going to apply for start-up financing under the aegis of the Québec government’s 2015-2020 Action Plan to Develop a Social Economy. To support that application, we invite you to answer three questions:

1 –I am…

2 –I want to offer CREA members as well as the general public this (service, product, activity)…

3 –The CREA will make it possible for me to go ahead with my (service, product, activity), because with the cooperative, I can…

Here are a few examples of projects under consideration:

  • The Print our Home cooperative. 
  • A community vegan kitchen
  • A single parent who wants to start a communal chicken coop, and needs land as well as construction help.
  • A day care and clubs for homeschooling families, with children getting access to the experts and specialists on site.
  • Establishing a studio for yoga, dance, singing, and meditation
  • Local newspaper

So : to your tablets! We’re starting a conversation, there is no obligation or risk, just a good chance to get your project going. We’ll know on or around April 30th if our application for start-up financing suits the government, but we won’t be waiting for them to get started. We’ll have news for you soon about how we intend to go forward.

Sweet dreams 🙂