A. Ali, M.A.Sc., Project Engineer

Abdallah Ali, M.A.Sc., Project Engineer

Cell: 514-214-1141


I am always searching for ways to improve my fellow man’s life by applying optimization in all possible areas. I like developing creative solutions to complex problems and that’s what led me to want to create a state-of-the-art machine to help us achieve what we all dream of: self-sufficiency on all levels. There are so many existing technologies that will allow us to achieve this goal; we simply have to apply the right ones in an intelligent and efficient way. We are creating a legacy that will ensure that future generations will benefit from the better world we are building!


We have today enough technology to be self-sufficient in every way essential to our modern lives. I want to optimize the use of these technologies to create a system so developed that no one will ever lack essential goods and in which owning your own energy efficient home will be within the reach of everyone who will be ready to participate towards a common goal of creating a better world, not only on a fair and ethical level, but also to create a more prosperous community by promoting sharing and mutual support.