D. Beaubien, Maker

Dominic Beaubien, Maker
Maker, horizontal management facilitator


My inspirations are varied, but they come mostly from inspiring people such as Jean François Zobrist, Ricardo Semler, Frédéric Laloux as well as Ken Robinson. I also draw inspiration from people around me, such as my parents, my spouse, my children, POH team members, and many others who I have known at different times in my life. I have a real passion for alternative methods with a “sweet tooth” for industrial work environments.


I would like to see a set of solutions, a natural network of care, education and working at Print our Home, that can adapt to our needs and that can find a balance and be in harmony with the resources that are available.


I would like to promote the reversal of the mistaken ideas that we attribute to businesses. I want to challenge the status quo by demonstrating tangible and effective examples around the world. I intend to learn, put into practice, experiment, improve, develop and then collaborate to make Print our Home a unique company, and a source of further inspiration to others.