L. Dionne, Technology

Project Manager R&D CGI, Cognos/IBM, Discreet Logic/Autodesk


Always ready to take on a challenge, be it technological, physical or cerebral, searching for an efficient, elegant, practical and affordable solution to better our lives, and ready to enjoy a class 5 rapid down a steep creek.

Vision/Mission/Aim for POH

The rising popularity of 3D printing technology is starting to counter the established built-in obsolescence we see far too often. Applied to home construction, 3D printing will allow us not only to reduce costs and build times, but also to leverage used materials otherwise filling our city dumps.

This technology will also enable anyone with the desire to do so to build their own home, with freedom on the visual aspects, style and layout heretofor only available to the rich and famous. Anybody will be able to rent an affordable construction printer or to even build one of their own within the maker’s movement.

Links to other projects:

https://www.cckevm.org : The largest white water kayaking club in the Americas, serving the greater Montreal region and over 400 members strong. I’ve been serving with the club’s management team for the last 5-6 years, and on the board. We do kayak-polo during the winter months then as soon as the ice starts to melt, we seek the best creeks and waterfalls in the Laurentians or go surfing on 10ft stationnary waves right in downtown Montreal on the Lachine rapids.

http://www.mam.quebec/en : This little known Aviation Museum captures a slice of our aviation heritage with airplanes that paved the way to Canadair, including bush planes and rare warbirds. I contribute to the restauration of a bimotor that protected our water borders during World War II. The Bristol Bolingbroke, derived from the better known Blenheim, was built locally by women of Longueuil.