S. Blais, Business Developement

Samuel Blais, Director, CSAES.org



My greatest inspiration is always wanting to push my limits of spiritual and material well-being. Through this ongoing quest for learning and experiences, I discovered a passion for resolving conflicts and helping others to push their limits. I love making new connections, talking to people about their passion and participating in their experiences.

Long-Term Goals for the Organization:

Major awareness in our methods of consumption and our impact on the planet inspired me to change my way of life on several levels. Carpenter and carpenter’s son of 3 generations, I have always been in touch with the architecture and construction of new homes. Print Our Home is in perfect harmony to be able to build an ecological housing model that will respond to Quebec’s climates and make this technology accessible in a responsible manner, to better promote its development. My role will be to create and maintain relationships with people and partners.to ensure that we respond to development and stay informed of all new innovations in the field of 3D printing.

Links to other projects and interests

http://csaes.org : An all-ages solidarity cooperative for collective enterprises and apprentiships.