T. Mackenzie, CEO

Tammy Mackenzie, CEO

Email: tammy@printourhome.com,
Phone: (514) 544-5226


I am a Mom and a lover of nature and life. I find meaning and joy in working towards strengthening our society through compassionate rationality, and in growing this project with the marvelous people of Print our Home.

Long term goals:

My focus is on Print our Home being a source of knowledge, hope, and robustness to our partners.

Friends and families. Builders and the people we work with: suppliers and clients and waste stream managers. Investment and research partners. Communities, community organizers, elected persons, municipalities and government ministries. People looking for answers and for new questions. People doing what they dream of doing. I think that there is a lot of work to do and that we should enjoy doing it, together.

Links to other projects:

http://csaes.org : An all-ages Solidarity Cooperative for research into cooperative learning and entrepreneurship.

http://redaq.ca : A self-managed network in support of democratic education and schools for Québec and think-tank for civil rights in education.