Coop MB – Founder’s Series

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In order to finance the launch of our subsidiary in sustainable construction, which includes obtaining our general contractor’s license and building our first two “tiny” models on wheels, we’ve created this offer of preferred shares for members and investors. The shares have a value of $ 100 each, entitled to a 10% return from 36 months, and are redeemable as of 3 years.

For those interested in participating, it is possible at this time to apply to become a member of the Coop Mieux Bâtir and thus endow your shares with a vote, but it isn’t a perquisite for investment.

Name: Finance Round 1 : Target 15,000$
Category: A – Founders
– Finance the prototype and start-up costs (licensing etc.)
– Reward early members and investors with a founder’s sharehold of CoopMB.
Number of shares: 150
Cost per share: 100 $
Issuer: Coop Mieux Bâtir
Régime Invest. Coop. : Not immediately. Future returns to members will be.
Date issued: March 15, 2019
Vote: Social share of 1 vote per member. Otherwise, none.
Nominal Value: 10 % yearly, starting at the end 3 years.
Date of activation: End of 3 years after purchase.
Other conditions:
– All transactions are subject to the CoopPOHÉ’s due process and approval.
– Redeemable as of January, 2022.

Please contact our director Simon Milot Béland for more information, to invest, or to receive your certificate of shares in the Founder’s series.

Alternative : Print our Home Inc. – Prototype Series