POH Inc. – Prototype Series

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In order to finance the prototype machine, we have created this offer of preferred shares in our subsidiary, Print our Home Inc. (POH Inc.). The members of CoopPOHÉ who work there lead the development of the first machine and its marketing. Shares have a value of $ 100 each, entitling the holder to .01% each of the value of the company, and will be redeemable from 36 months and thereafter.

CoopPOHÉ has an internal consensus on the terms and conditions of this issue.

Name: Finance Round 1 : Target 12,000$
Category: A – Prototype
– Finance the prototype and 6 months of minimal operations.
– Reward early investors a founder’s sharehold of POH Inc., without diluting the votes of the active members of the cooperative.
Number of shares: 120
Cost per share: 100 $
Issuer: Print our Home Inc.
Distribution: Private
Date issued: March 15, 2019
Vote: 0 % / None
Value: .01% profit per share
Date of activation: Immediate
Other conditions:
– All transactions are subject to the CoopPOHÉ’s due process and approval.
– Redeemable from January 2022.

Please contact our Director Tammy Mackenzie for more information, to invest, or to receive your Founder Series certificate.

Alternative : Coop Mieux Bâtir — Founder’s Series